Having a good writing might not be a priority to many, but it is to some. Having writing that is legible is the way to go, particularly if you are still a student in school. This is because how you write directly influences the attitude of the teacher as they mark your paper. It is true that once a teacher perceives your handwriting to be giving them a hard time to read they are likely to find more mistakes in your work or even give you a lower overall grade. However, the opposite is true for work that is neatly written. Below are some things you can consider doing to improve your handwriting. 

Borrow Your Friends Books 

Improving your handwriting does not have to be hard. Learning, in most cases happens by imitation. If you can borrow a book or some notes from a friend who has amazing handwriting, or even sit next to them in class, then you will soon find yourself starting to shape your letters the way they do. This is even more true if people or even the teacher has praised your friend for their outstanding handwriting. 

Improve Your Grip on the Pen 

How you hold your pen makes a lot of difference in your handwriting. Giving your pen a firm hold is a great way of gaining control over the curves and motion of the pen. Structuring your letters is very important. This is because if they are not structured correctly they are likely to look like other letters you didn't intend to write or worse still, they may resemble some letters from outside the English alphabet.

 Sitting Position 

Having a straightened and upwards sitting position gives you more control over how you rite. Slouching backwards or even bending your body in a specific way can interfere with your control and view and this will intern lead to a handwriting that is not pleasant. 

Stretch your hands 


A tired hand can sometimes lead to illegible writing. You can probably resonate if you have ever written notes for a really long time, after some time you will notice that the writing you have when finishing is not the same as when you started. It is always important to ensure that your hand muscles are relaxed and in good working condition. If you are writing something long, it is good to take breaks and stretch your hands a bit to help you maintain the good handwriting, know how to learn fancy handwriting here!