Beautiful print or cursive handwriting is highly sought after by both adults and children. In the professional setting, it makes you seem competent and polished. And for children, it can help curb criticism from their peers. However, many people feel that they cannot improve their handwriting. They believe it is a natural, innate characteristic that can only be changed with great difficultly. 

That could not be farther from the truth. Actually, your print or cursive handwriting can easily be improved with only a few handwriting lessons and a commitment to regular practice. Most of the time, it is quite fun to practice and within a short time, you too can have amazing handwriting. All you need to get started is a great pen and a notebook. Here are some more tips to help you have better handwriting. 

A lot of people have a hangup about changing their old handwriting. They believe that it is disingenuous. They feel that altering their supposedly natural writing style is somehow contrary to their nature. The truth, though, is that all handwriting is a conscious choice. When you were young, you found a style that was comfortable at the time and then decided to stick with it. As a adult, you can make another conscious choice to change your handwriting style. It is truly as simple as that. 

The next step to changing your old handwriting is retraining your muscles. For years, your wrist has become accustomed to moving in a certain way to create letters. That is why you typically write each letter the same way every time. The only way to change this behavior is to retrain your muscles to move differently. This means you need to consistently practice your new handwriting, preferably every day. In the very beginning, it can feel awkward, but this will soon go away. 


In order to change your cursive handwriting, all you really need is practice. But it can also help to research different font styles until you find a few that you like. With a daily effort to mimic those letters, you can completely transform your old handwriting within a few weeks. You might also find that writing in your new style takes significantly more time than writing in your previous one. This is only temporary. As your muscles get more comfortable with the new movements, your speed will greatly improve. Remember to have fun and be patient with yourself.